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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Why is Indonesia such a terrible and dangerous country?

Let me give you an outsider aspect about this awesome country. I'm an Indian, who lives in Malaysia but has great privilege of traveling S. E. A and I stay in Indonesia for an average of 7 to 10 days a month.

Why is Indonesia such a terrible and dangerous country?

Indonesia Seribu Pulau

what do you think about indonesian ?

  1. Indonesia is awesome : Group of 16,000 + islands calling it a country!!! How fantastic is that. We in India speak unity in diversity and take pride in saying that we have a different language, food, pretty much everything change every 200km, come to Indonesia and see her. Every time I come here, my love towards this country is growing. She grows on you.
  2. She's messy, but there's magic in her madness : This country has the worst of traffic, but I see her improving her infrastructure every time I come. The airport is getting renovated and built. Roads, bridges, she's on fire. Give this country a few more years.
  3. Business sentiment and start up eco system : I can speak in length about this as my job is closely related to funding start ups. Venture capital funds are chasing Indonesian start ups. Most active region for VCs and PE I'm APAC is now Indonesia. This country is now what India was around 10 years back in startup ecosystem .
  4. Uber? She has Go-jek, Travelokatokopedia and many more : I've met and visited most of these world class start ups from Indonesia. The sentiment here for chasing BIG dream is high.
  5. Malls : The Malls in Indonesia has to be seen to believe. They ooze with luxury and size is mammoth. These Malls can give any shopping space in APAC a run for its money. Come and see them for real.
  6. Food : Divine. I can write into pages about the diverse food options here. Try the Ox tail soup next.

  7. Disturbingly humble : People in Indonesia will make you totally uncomfortable with their humblenes. One Just wonder how can people be this humble. They really give you respect and the hospitality is seen to be believed. They may not speak fluent English, but they try their level best to communicate and convey what they need to.
  8. Ladies : Now, this point is debatable like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder kind. But, men here is lucky, bloody lucky. This country is blessed with some of the most beautiful ladies I have ever met. I tried Tinder a few times and I did wonder, for what reasons will I unlike a lady, I've never been this confused ever.
  9. This country is the largest Islamic population in the world but it's tolerance levels are very high. That doesn't mean it isn't having its trouble with religious extremism, but it handles it definitely better, atleast for now.
  10. Party scene : So, you have been to Bangkok, and other widely popular party destinations, then you haven't seen the best party yet. Come to Jakarta!!!! My friends from Jakarta know what I mean….
I can go one and on. I'm not a fan boy of this country, but I do like this place. It has genuinity. They know they are a developing country and we can see the efforts they are putting in to make their country better.
“Terrible”, “dangerous” etc are strong words. She's not perfect, so isn't my country as well as yours.
Life is too short for hatred.
Peace Bro.

Having been in nearly half of the world's countries, I could unhesitatingly claim that Indonesians are the friendliest people I’ve ever run into. The country is very safe in every respect. Love to Indonesia!

What are you talking about, sir/madam?
You do not need to worry about Indonesia, you have to laid back and enjoy the stay. Motherland will give everything you need in return of your love sapling. Motherland has a lot to offer, from the simplest things such as humbleness of Her residents to the most complicated wonders, available for you to enjoy 24/7.
There are a lot of activities you can do while you stay in Indonesia, 17.000+ islands to visit, 300+ ethnicities to learn, languages to speak with, and lots and lots of local delicacies for you to taste while wandering Her beloved Archipelago.
Due to Her location in the Pacific Ring of Fire, there are a lot of volcanoes for you to hike and many mountains that stand firm as the Giantess of the North, giving its beauty to you for free and not to mention the Edelweiss flower that grows in several mountains in Indonesia, one of them is located at Mount Rinjani in Lombok.
She has the Blue Fire of Ijen Crater, the Sacred Mahameru, and the Majestic Bromo and wonderful Hindu/Buddha temples and historical Islamic mosques, should you request a religious tour. She still preserves the Sultanate in Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (Special Region of Yogyakarta).
You need exotic animals? We do have the notorious Komodo Dragon in Komodo Island, they are very dangerous but they are also endangered. Who wouldn’t take a chance of a lifetime to see the Dragon itself?
Indonesia, is always beautiful as ever. Regardless of any problems She has.
Your love will grow as you learn and flirt with Her diversity and how friendly Her residents to you.
Amidst any sociopolitics problems, we are here waiting for you to visit Her and see Her smile upon you as if She is a goddess.
Why would you do that to a piece of “Heaven of the Earth?”
I have to agree that Indonesia is Terribly Terrific and Dangerously Divine.

Sorry for being dramatically poetic.

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