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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Why are school administrators so unhelpful?

Retno DJ

Question : Health

Why are school administrators so unhelpful?
I said something which led them to asking my to pull down my sleeves and I'm so upset because they found out I cut myself but I'm happy that my parent don't know. Like why does it matter that I like the aftermath of hurting myself? Who cares?

"Cut away! It won't solve anything,if anything its a cry for attention. Do you know how many teen cut themselves? Tons! It doesn't make you special it makes you a cliché."
Why are school administrators so unhelpful


"School administrators merely tell you what they are told to tell you. They are paid by the government either way so they tell you whatever without much concern. I feel that I myself would not cut myself, but that is your business, and until you decide otherwise, no one should force you any different my friend."

"they actually cant ask u to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. There are actually very lil they can make you do if anything at all. You should look in to their guidelines on school staff for it is different for every state but here in California they cannot even make you do work if you do not want to."

What is your answer to this question?

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